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This is a captive bird who has just had her tea as you can see by the leftovers on her beak.  These birds have the reputation of being the fastest creatures on earth.


This easily recognised cock pheasant always provides very colourful pictures.


I took this picture (along with many others) in a neighbours garden, this cheeky devil is a regular visitor and he isn't too bothered about being watched.

Red Stag

Taken in late spring this stag still has the velvet on his antlers.  Autumn is the best time to see these magnificent animals, but it is very risky because that is when they start the rutting season and everything except the hinds regarded as a competitor.


This owls piercing eyes has made this one of my favourite pictures of the year.


This is a European wolf, taken at Kincraig Wildlife Park where these wolves regularly put on a show for the visitors.

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