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Taken for a natural history assignment, this shot took a little bit of patience and determination.


This red grouse was taken near Lochindorb, it's cackling call soon tells you where it is.

Harris Hawk

This is a captive bird so easy to fire off lots of shots at different angles.


This bird was fishing out of a nearby burn, these birds are quite shy but I managed to get close enough to take this shot before it flew off upstream.

Roe deer

This red deer hind was in a small herd and as it looked up I managed to grab the shot and get a record of her beautiful eyes.


I took this picture for an assignment in Motion.  Wandering around the garden trying to come up with an original idea I spotted this moth hovering around different flowers.


These elusive creatures are not easy to spot never mind photograph, this was taken at Kincraig Wildlife Park, and sometimes they are not easy to spot even there.

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